Dermatitis in my ears

  • Have anybody of you ever came across a condition named 'otitis externa'? I was diagnosed with this about a year before and it is basically like having dermatitis in your ear. My ears become very itchy and will have ear infections frequently. I had two infections within the period of two months- bacterial and fungal.
    My left ear is sore and I consulted a doctor. The doctor checked my ears and told that my eardrums are not visible. Probably, my ears are covered with ear wax. He gave me some ear drops to use. I am very concerned about this and is planning to [url=]visit hearing professionals in Toronto[/url] next week. I fear whether I will become deaf.
    Is there anybody over here who has got a similar problem before? Also, is there is a chance to happen like this if I had ruptured my eardrum?


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