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    The importance of electricity in our lives
    Electricity is considered one of the most important inventions in the history of mankind. Factories, companies, houses, universities, etc., have contributed greatly in saving time and effort and facilitating life.It has also added a kind of beauty to cities, villages and houses and illuminated the darkness of the streets and different places.Thus, the talk about the importance of electricity in our lives goes a long way.

    Electricity has helped to move life forward with amazing speed, and its most important achievement is that it has saved people from staying in the dark at night, in the absence of the sun and natural sources of light, and also allowed people to carry out their life activities at any time and prolonged the life of evenings, laughter and meetings, After sleep was the best option at night, tanning sessions on the lights of electricity became a golden opportunity to stay longer and more, and this also increased the productivity of people and motivate them to show their creativity.

    It is known that the scientist Edison is the great credit in sparking the invention of electricity, but in fact many scientists contributed to the development and invention of lamps of various types, and improved to be brighter and purer, has been based on electricity to invent and accomplish many things that are essential to use them Different machines, factories and even medical devices that provide treatment and save lives depend mainly on electricity, especially artificial respirators, cardiac resuscitation, dialysis, etc. If we imagine the world plunging into darkness for a few moments, Th many problems and many people will die.

    Throughout time, electricity has achieved countless achievements. Therefore, its importance in our lives is of fundamental importance that can never be surpassed. Therefore, all countries of the world seek to develop different ways of generating it as a great national wealth. Fortunately, generating them with renewable sources of energy is also available, as they can be obtained by generating from water currents and wind power, and many countries have become dependent on charging solar lamps during the day to convert them into electric current at night. For anything, it shows that it is indispensable for us never reported.


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