• Gmail
    Google is known around the world as the company with the best search engine and the most used in various countries of the world, and that giant company offers many services associated with its name, which made it the first Internet giant in the world, especially as those products extend to include mobile phones and others, including those products Google Mail which enables users to send and receive emails like any other email.

    A user who owns Gmail can use all of his Google products.He can create his own blog, launch a YouTube channel, or get phone apps from the Google Store, which keeps the number of people with a Gmail account on the rise.

    Work email on Google
    To access the Google homepage and click Register at the top right of the page, the user will be taken to the registration page which includes several fields that the new user must fill in to get the account.
    Initially there are two digits for the name, the first reserved for the first name only, and the second for the surname of the family or the second name, depending on the preference of the account holder.
    This is followed by the user's e-mail name.You can choose an alias, real name, or company name, but preferably your e-mail account with your real username without using aliases and nicknames, especially if you can use mail for business purposes. Mail Address The site checks whether it is available and suggests some changes to reach a completely new email address.
    After placing the email address, the user must enter his / her new password in the respective fields, which should be more than eight letters and numbers. Protection.
    The user fills in the date of birth and gender and puts his phone number in the box provided after the country has been selected. It has three numbers or letters, or both, and it has to rewrite those characters in the box to make sure the site is a real human being, not a computer program.
    Clicking on the next step will refer the site to the Google Plus creation page, a Facebook-like communication site, in case of unwillingness and by clicking on a word the user does not go to the mail page, where he will find a presentation explaining how to use it.


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