How to treat keloid scars quickly with 10 home remedies

  • Corticosteriod injection: The ingredients in this injection will help reduce the keloid scar
    Laser treatment: can make the scar flat and fade
    Surgical removal: for keloid treatment with this method, the keloid scar may return after a while.
    Use Dermatix Ultra scar gel
    In addition, you can also combine with the following natural remedies.

    How to treat scars on the face effectively and naturally:
    1 - How to treat keloids at home quickly with lemon:
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    Lemons contain a lot of vitamin C, which has antiseptic, high anti-inflammatory properties, stimulates skin cell regeneration.
    So not only the use of whitening, lemon is also trusted by women as an ingredient in the treatment of this keloid scar.

    2 - Tips to remove the keloid scars on the face with honey quickly:
    Honey provides many essential nutrients to effectively not leave a keloid scar on the face.
    How to leave no scars on your face with honey
    Because honey contains antibacterial active ingredient and hydrogen peroxide. These two substances work to remove and prevent skin infections.
    Honey is not only considered a "beauty elixir" of women, but it is also one of the most effective facial scar removal tips today.
    With hundreds of vitamins, essential nutrients for skin, honey helps stimulate new skin cell growth, increase skin resistance.
    Tips to remove keloid scars are also extremely simple, you just need to wash your face or skin scars with warm water. To clean the skin then rub honey on the face and use your hands to massage gently about 30 minutes and finally rinse with clean water is okay. Should be done with how to treat this scar 1 day offline.

    3 - Tips for treating keloid scars after Caesarean section:
    Gotu kola not only works to detoxify, cool skin, is a nutritious drink, but also has great skin care properties. So pennywort is compared as a trick to treat keloid scars after caesarean section effectively and safely from nature.
    In addition, gotu kola also contains many triterpenoids that help strengthen the skin and increase circulation to the skin.
    The compounds present in gotu kola will inhibit the overproduction of collagen in scar tissue, enhance antioxidants and promote the growth and regeneration of new skin for your old scars.
    With the tips of treating keloid scars after Caesarean section is extremely simple you just crush pennywort. Then use a piece of cloth wrapped with the pennywort and juice when pounding on the scarred skin. Apply 1 day 2 times in the morning and evening, apply about 10 to 15 days in a row to see clearer results.

    4 - How to treat keloids on the feet with strawberries:
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    Western cord not only helps to fade dark spots but also is one of the ways to treat keloid scars, too. Because ripe strawberries contain salicylic acid, which naturally helps to lighten the skin, fade scars.
    How to treat keloids at the feet of strawberries How to treat keloids at the feet with strawberries
    With the treatment of a keloid scar with strawberries, it is very simple, just slice the strawberry and rub the keloid scar on the foot. Do this keloid treatment daily to see the earliest results!

    5 - How to make all keloid scars on the face with potatoes:

    How to remove all scars on face with potatoes
    Ingredients potatoes rich in vitamins and have antibacterial, anti-intensive, inflammatory are many you apply.
    Not only does it heal wounds but it also helps fade scars effectively.
    How to do it: take 1 mashed potato, use a paper mask to place on the front and then put the potato mixture on top. Stay still for 20-25 minutes, then wash your face clean. Frequently used to achieve high efficiency.

    6 - How to cure long-standing keloids with fresh ginger:

    Fresh ginger in addition to its cooling effect can also help you treat long-term keloid scars effectively. Because ginger contains minerals and vitamins such as Mg, Co, Ca, K, Fe, B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin E and Carotene.
    In particular, fresh ginger does not contain high antioxidant activity, which helps prevent the aging process extremely effectively.
    With the cure of a keloid scar with ginger, the procedure is also simple. You only need to bring ginger peeled, then pounded and put a little water to squeeze water. When you have the juice from ginger, add 1 teaspoon of honey and stir well. Next is applied to the area of keloid scars and light massage, done 2 times a day.

    7 - How to remove scars with onion:
    alt text
    Onion is known as Onion in English and is rich in Vitamin C, Potassium, Quercetin and Selenium.
    Onions work to kill infectious bacteria that prevent diseases such as sugar infections, cystitis and mules. In addition, the active ingredient Quercetin in onions has a very strong antioxidant effect.
    With a very easy way to remove all keloid scars with onion, you just take the onion peeled and crushed martial arts or pureed. Then, apply directly to the keloid area for about 15 minutes and rinse with warm water. It should be done every 2 days until the keloid all over.

    8 - How to effectively remove keloids with olive oil:

    How to effectively remove keloids using olive oil
    This is an extremely effective way to lose keloid scars. Olive oil keeps your skin soft and moisturized. With a simple way.
    Firstly, you need to clean the keloids clean with warm water, apply a little olive oil to the skin and massage about 30 minutes clockwise slowly. Finally, use a clean cloth to wipe away the olive oil or you can leave it overnight.

    9 - How to remove keloids after caesarean section with apple cider vinegar:

    Apple cider vinegar is a vinegar that can remove any scars because it contains a natural acid component that helps exfoliate dead skin cells.
    In addition, apple cider vinegar helps stimulate the growth of skin cells vigorously and reduces the process of scar formation.
    By removing the keloid scar after caesarean section with apple cider vinegar, you just need to add a little apple cider vinegar mixed with water, then apply this mixture directly to the keloid skin area.
    After 10 to 15 minutes you can rinse with water. Do it once a day, mom.

    10 - Tips to treat keloids after caesarean section with Dermatix Ultra:
    alt text
    Is Dermatix scar cream effective? is a US-based scar treatment product, specializing in treating hypertrophic scars, keloids, and has been clinically proven. The main ingredient of Dermatix scar cream is sillicon Dermatix, which softens and flattens scars.
    Tips for treating keloid scars with Dermatix Ultra Tips for treating keloid scars with Dermatix Ultra
    Tips to treat keloids after caesarean section effectively with Dermatix quickly but safely, without causing side effects.
    Dermatix gel with protective film-forming properties protects skin from water vapor, normalizes collagen deposition, cuts scars, and is suitable for Asian skin.
    Dermatix is not only used to treat keloids after caesarean section, the drug also works to fade dark spots and reduce scar redness.
    Dermatix is a product that can be used by children and nursing women in the direction of a physician.
    Because of the properties of Dermatix, it is considered as one of the most effective keloid scars treatment at home.


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