Scars on face after oxy bleaching - Need help!

  • A new beauty parlor opened in our hometown a week ago. Yesterday, I went there and did Oxy bleaching. After coming home, I started experiencing burning sensation around my cheeks, chin, and neck. My skin has reddened and it has become itchy too. My skin has burnt so badly that I could see scars on my cheeks and chin. I felt really disappointed when my mom told me that these scars cannot be removed permanently and they will remain there as such. I googled and came across a blog regarding a procedure called laser resurfacing. I was impressed when I read that this technique can remove post-traumatic scars. I also found that [url=]a clinic in Mississauga provides laser resurfacing[/url]. So I am planning to undergo this procedure from the same clinic. Is there anyone here who had undergone this procedure before? Please share your experience. Thank you!


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