10 reasons why remote recruitment is a great choice for startups

  • 10 reasons why remote recruitment is a great choice for startups

    1 - Easy organization of time
    Working from home means that you have 24 full hours organizing your time as you want; you put one time for work, another for the family, and another for your exercise and hobbies; you are really in control of all your time and as you want.

    2 - Find someone who does the thing he loves
    The freelance is a brave person who did not like to work in any field but chose to work in the field preferred for him; educate himself and master his work, and perhaps now he becomes an employee in your company in the same field that he loves, therefore you will not suffer from the problem of many resignations.

    3- You can wear comfortable clothes
    Perhaps this feature is simple, but it has a great impact on the hearts of many people. Commitment to the tie and suit is something that may be boring for some, in contrast, the independent can wear comfortable clothes that he prefers while working.

    4 - The mobile office
    Man gets tired of routine always, sometimes the employee wants to change the place from which he works even for a while, and remote employment provides a great solution to this simple problem; the independent can take his simple office consisting of lab, flash for the internet and a simple paper book to any place he wants .

    5- Your office may be of any kind
    When you work from home, your office may be a simple table on which to place your computer and start working. Others allocate a small portion of a room to be the work desk. It is not a problem what type of office you use or what it is, but the important thing is that the independent works.

    6- Weekend is obligatory
    In traditional jobs, the employee goes out every day until he himself gets tired from going out. As soon as the day of the weekend comes, you find him wanting to sleep, but the family wants to leave, but in the case of working from home, the independent person seeks before the family to go out and go on this day.

    7 - The freelance remains more focused
    Many sayings confirmed that anyone who works must take a simple nap at noon, but at work you will not provide this possibility while working from home will allow you the opportunity to fall asleep a little and wake up to complete your work as you like.

    8 - Avoid work policies in the office
    You cannot choose the business friends who are with you in the same office, as this matter is in the hands of the recruiting officer only, and it is possible that your presence with some people is not likely, or that your policies in the office are boring, such as the necessity of wearing the official uniform to work, etc., and work from The home completely relieves you of these policies.

    9 - Good communication with the work team
    Employees working from home have a specific time plan they use, and the rest of the team realizes when to find them and how to communicate with them, and therefore the communication is well and efficiently, and in the event of an emergency matter you will find the independent in his place within five minutes only.

    10 - Manage meetings effectively
    Meetings are a double-edged sword; either you waste part of the time or you end up in peace keeping the plan, goal and the rest of the time, and remote meetings are very useful regarding this matter and process; the whole team communicates through one chat channel such as Skype and at the end the meeting ends within the specified time For him without wasting too much time to prepare for and arrive at the meeting place, of course we do not deny the advantages of meeting in one place if I manage it properly.


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