• What are the Premium bars?
    Premium templates can be briefly defined as templates for sale and must be purchased for use. There are no fixed or specific criteria for designating a template as “Premium,” but if it is not free and is on sale, it is “Premium.”

    In general, "Premium" molds are made by professional web designers, with the aim of responding to the demands and needs of a specific market willing to pay money to get the best products.

    With that in mind, let's take a look at five reasons why you should choose paid professional templates - or "premium" templates.

    1. Quality
      If you choose a template from a professional designer (which is of course what you must do) you can expect a product of high quality and superior to free templates. But what does that mean in practice?

    In short, we can expect something unique and unique. If you want your blog or website to stand out from the crowd, free templates won't do that for you. Why? Because a large number of blogs and other sites may use this same template. In addition, the free template designer will not invest the same time and effort to give you the ability to customize the template to suit your taste and needs.

    This is apart from the fact that the codes for some free templates are not protected so that they can be easily hacked or that they may be poorly programmed and thus harmful to your classification or ranking in search engines.

    1. Functions, features and features
      For those of us who are not technical, trying to make any minor adjustments to a free template could be a real nightmare. These free templates usually require at least an average knowledge of PHP, HTML and CSS programming languages.

    As for the paid templates "Premium" - especially the excellent ones - the most important thing that usually distinguishes them is the availability of a comprehensive template control for the template so that adjustments can be made to manage and customize the site or the blog to suit your exact needs. You can find, for example, that editing of logo, colors, fonts, backgrounds, and sliders is easy and usually with a single click of a button. This is in addition to the availability of other professional features and features such as the ability to modify the format for each page, control of side boxes and invoices, and the availability of short codes.

    1. Security and protection
      To some it may seem very strange that all these free templates are available. And there must be a reason for that! Indeed it is strange and there is a reason! The reason is that a large percentage of the free templates available actually contain packages with malicious code.

    I know some of you will not believe this and therefore - for those who are fluent in English - here is a link to a great article from the well-known WPMU website that exposes the top 10 sources of free WordPress themes.

    Of course, it is possible to avoid these sites and download templates only from trusted sources such as the WordPress template directory, but doing this in itself highlights new problems ...

    1. Updates
      "Premium" templates are usually updated on a regular basis to improve the template and to keep pace with new versions of WordPress or the content management system used. The same cannot be said about free templates.

    Premium developers are in constant contact with their users and customers who inform them of any defect or problem with the template and request new features. Unlike free template developers, it is in the best interests of premium mold owners to listen to their customers, make improvements, and keep up with WordPress releases.

    Let us assume that you have installed a free template on your site or blog, and you have made a lot of changes to the template to suit you and suit your needs. Then suddenly a new version of WordPress comes out, and the template stops working at the same quality. You now have two options:

    Do not upgrade WordPress. This can leave your site vulnerable to security breaches, and you will of course miss out on any of the new features.
    Start again using another template. This of course will take you a lot of time and effort.
    Nothing will force the developer of the free template to help you upgrade to new versions of WordPress, especially if you make a lot of changes and changes to it. So, my advice is to use a professional pro template from the start.

    1. Advanced technical support
      When it comes to technical support to install and customize the template, you have two options:

    Ask for help The free template developer is busy studying or living for or search for help, and order in the forums, hoping someone will help you.
    Premium purchase and depend on advanced and fast technical support from professionals and experts.
    Nothing a free template developer needs to help you if you have problems installing or customizing the template. On the other hand, all professional designers or companies that sell “Premium” molds offer some kind of technical support system.

    This is another essential reason, in my opinion, to buy paid templates. Premium molds provide peace of mind.

    1. Price
      Ready "Premium" templates are much cheaper than hiring a designer to build a private website or blog. While some companies and professional designers require more than 2000 Saudi riyals to create a blog, you can get a ready-made premium template for 350 riyals or less.

    Are you free or “Premium”?
    As with so many things in life, you get what you pay for. But what about you? Are you using free templates or are you happy to invest a handful of riyals to get a professional "Premium" template?


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