• Solve the problem of waterproofing from the roof
    A number of tips can be followed to treat the problem of waterproofing from the concrete surface, and these tips include the following: [1]

    Searching for the source of the leak: by inspecting all surface parts for any water bodies, and checking plumbing lines, sewage pipes, and the sides of the building.
    Fill the cracks: To fill the cracks, consider the availability of cement mortar, primer coating, sealant, and start cleaning the entire surface, and a pressure washer can be used to get rid of all dirt and stone blocks on it, then fill the damaged cracks and holes with cement mortar, then cover it with primer paint and let it dry Exactly, then apply the sealant to these places.
    Regular surface maintenance: It is necessary to perform surface maintenance at least twice every year, and in the event that it does not have sufficient experience, a professional technician may be called into the maintenance work for roofs and buildings, and he can be informed of any surface related concerns in order to treat them.

    Epoxy injection to fix the leaking surface
    Epoxy Injection is injected to solve the problem of water leakage from the surface by following these steps: [2]

    Clean the concrete with a broom to get rid of the dirt and stone blocks on it, and dry the pools of water on it.
    Prepare the epoxy paste according to the instructions on the packaging, and push the paste into the cracks by pressing the thumb on the press of the epoxy syringe to remove the paste from it.
    Fill the cracks completely with epoxy putty, and leave it until completely solidified, which may take more than 45 minutes.
    Apply a layer of epoxy resin to the cracks filled with epoxy, and place another small layer in case the surface is tilted.
    Dispose of the extra epoxy layer by tilting the chisel at an angle of 45, and lightly tapping it with a hammer.
    Smooth the epoxy layer with sandpaper.

    Solve the problem of water leakage from inside the house
    Sometimes it is difficult to climb to the roof of the house during the winter to solve the problem of water leakage from there, in which case the problem can be solved from inside the house temporarily, by following the following steps: [3]

    Determine the location of the leak on the ceiling from inside the house.
    A light bulb is projected onto the surface of the surface looking for any holes in the surface or dark places of color due to moisture.
    Locate leaks discovered with a chalk pen, in order to quickly find them when permanently repairing the surface.
    Leave the wet areas to dry, then apply a leak-proof patch using a putty knife so that the hole is completely covered.
    Use a glue gun to block any of the holes in the surface, and use a putty knife or finger tips to spread the glue over the holes and places of leakage.


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