Correct Gynecomastia with Advanced Surgical Procedure!

  • Men and women have different body symmetry. In men, sometimes due to additional fat deposits or due to hormonal imbalance (between the male hormone androgen and the female hormone estrogen) in the chest area, it appears to be swelled up and resembles like female breasts. This condition is also referred to as man-breast. This condition often causes embarrassment in men and also affects their self-confidence. However, gynecomastia is somewhat a common condition, and almost seventy percent of boys suffer from it during their puberty phase. Newborn babies may also have short-term gynecomastia since the mother’s estrogen stays in the child’s blood for a while after birth. Middle-aged men, as well as the elderly, can also have this condition, which can be due to aging or due to hormonal imbalance, or due to medicines like antidepressants, antibiotics, anti-anxiety drugs, heart medicines, chemotherapy, drugs for heartburn and AIDS treatments.
    Blog: Correct Gynecomastia with Advanced Surgical Procedure!


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