What is a Jade roller & how to use for face lifting & de-puffing ?

  • #Skin Revitalisation - eDiva’s natural jade roller is designed to remove blemishes, hydrate skin and close the pores on your skin. You can get instant skin smoothening and a relaxing facial massage with this facial massage tool.
    #Natural Product - The stone used here is 100% real genuine jade rolling stone and is a natural facial massager and skincare formula.
    #Jade’s Magic - Jade is a gift from Mother Earth to you. It was the beauty secret of the ancient Chinese and Egyptians. Today, this stone facial roller is used widely across the globe as a skin-refining tool.
    #Anti-aging Rollers - This facial massage tool gives skin relaxing and refreshing effects while reducing wrinkles, fine lines and the dark circles under your eyes. It fades away blemishes and makes you instantly look and feel youthful.
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