Why Do Dark Circles Form?

  • There are many reasons that contribute to the formation of dark circles. Here are a few common reasons why dark circles are formed.
    Fatigue and lack of sleep
    Fatigue is one of the primary causes of dark circles. Oversleeping due to fatigue, missing your usual bedtime, and lack of sleep could be a few factors that result in the formation of dark circles. If your sleep is irregular, it causes fluid to build underneath your eyes which causes
    them to appear fluffy. Therefore, sometimes the dark circles are caused by the shadows cast by fluffy eyelids.
    Straining the eyes
    As we are in the digital age where phones, television, and computer screens thrive. We spend most of our time during the day looking at some kind of display. This causes our eyes to strain and enlarges the blood vessels around the eyes. This results in the skin around the eyes to appear darker.


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