Eye Bag removal Dubai

  • I have dependably had hereditary eye sacks under my eyes. I was constantly exceptionally cognizant about it. I had utilized my creams and elixirs and numerous non intrusive medicines yet was not glad. I am 46 years and chose and I needed to investigate surgical choices and chose to do it now than later. When I met Dr.Lauren Denny felt alright with how he disclosed the strategy to me. I was thorough and addressed my inquiries. Indeed, even upon the arrival of the surgery I was anxious yet he kidded with me and set me calm. The whole surgical staff is so astounding. I was cheerful that I settled on the choice to run with him. He is the most kindest and delicate Doctor I have met. I would not believe some other.If Any one interested for [url=https://www.laserskincare.ae/skin-conditions/eye-bag-removal-dubai/]Eye Bag removal in Dubai[/url] then i am suggesting Laser Skin Care Clinic.

  • The most common cause of eye bags is a loss of fatty tissue in the upper cheeks, right below the eye bags. This fatty tissue, which resides just below the skin, is present throughout the face. As you age, it breaks down, or “deflates,” in your cheeks at a much faster rate than it does just below your eyes. As a result of this uneven deflation, your eyes are left with elevated or protruding bulges of fat beneath them; these are the eye bags.


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