How to Accurately Take Your Own Measurements for Prom Dresses

  • Hi! My name is Lucy Smith. And today, we’re going to discuss how to accurately take your own measurements for a prom dress. Well, my suggestion to you is, please don’t do that unless you absolutely have to. But, if you are in the situation that you have to take your own measurements, I want you to think about a couple of things. Number one, think about an hourglass – truly an hourglass, because that is the measurement that you need for the size chart. We need your bust, your waist, and your hips. It’s that simple. We also need to know how tall you are if you’re over 5’9”, because if we’re going to special-order it, we will need to ask for extra length, and that will be an extra charge. So, again, think about your body as an hourglass, and take those measurements. It’s just that simple. But, if you can find someone else to do it, that really is the best idea.
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