PRP Facial Chicago Stipulation Greater than Before

  • I am a senior aged individual of nearly 77. With the passage of time, my skin is sagging to a great extent. I tried so many facial treatments and a lot of facial moisturizers along with sunscreens but no to avail. None of them worked out. Rather my skin began to get darker as well as dryer. In my social gathering, many people of my age look younger like a 40 year old individual. But I comparatively look dull due to my hanging facial skin. After extensive check-ups, I found that the soft tissues present in have been damaged and require fast healing. With recommendations from friends and a detailed study on the internet, I found that PRP facial Chicago is quite an effective treatment of making sagged skin look young. I tried each and every approach to get to the treatment but was unsuccessful in discovering the same. My social circle recommends PRP facial Chicago for skin rejuvenation towards hair re-growth as well as wrinkle removal. Can anyone help me out in finding PRP facial Chicago treatment at any clinic or parlor as I want to look like how I was, 30 years back? Kindly find out ASAP as I am heading towards the betterment of my sagged old skin, please!

  • julie
    August 14, 2018 at 4:18 pm (Edit)
    TCA COMPLEX is your TCA PEEL but can also be used to tighten the skin and create new collagen production. TCA Complex is formatted at 12.5% and is originated from 100% solid tricholoracetic acid. Unlike most we are the original diluters. We do not buy 50% TCA and add water to it. If you are 35+ and you’re frustrated with new hyper pigmentation, fine lines, acne scars, and poor skin tone I highly recommend this 1 oz TCA Complex used as a toner every 4 days. This creates an IMMEDIATE MARKED IMPROVEMENT in the subcutaneous tightness of your face while underneath your skins metabolism will begin to speed up and secrete collagen and elastin to the surface. If you were doing a TRADITIONAL PEEL you would layer the TCA COMPLEX on for about 2-4 minutes. For this treatment you are swiping it on with 3 qtips like a toner and letting it dry. Wash your skin in 30 minutes, though not necessary as it has fully acclimated and non active. TCA COMPLEX as a tightening toner will cause a light peel to occur but usually during facial washing!! You can repeat this treatment once per week. TCA Complex is 1 oz or 2 oz and comes with a dropper in a light reflective blue bottle. Available on Amazon,eBay,, #tcapeel #tcacomplex
    PRP is platelet rich plasma, blood actually being micro needled into the subcutaneous layers. I've seen it for years being done but its just a quick dramatic treatment that utilizes your bodys own collagen,. ITS NOT PERMANENT!! YOU need to take charge of your own skin treatments so you will be able to do them often enough to matter. SKIN CELL TURNOVER for REVERSE AGING is 4 times per month aggressively and 2 times per month mandatory. Choose 1. You can do this through a micro crystal treatment (we have 3 in 1 retinoic, charcoal and crystals..for the guys who seem to enjoy a 3 in 1 easy treatment) OR TCA COMPLEX used like a toner,. is going to give you a QUICK TIGHT FACE but yield a peel in a few days, very lightly.. YOU HAVE ALOT OF OPTIONS, but my best advice is to stop spending money on PRP!! Your skin ages due to atrophy,.gravity,.and acidity,. WE REVERSE ALL 3 IN ONE SWIPE!! you can text me, or call me if you want to chat, 443 835 5538.


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