Brown Pigments in my hands

  • Another Summer vacation went by with adventure and fun. It was a normal picnic with my friends where we decided to go to Rouge National park. We decided to go on a hiking and later camp in the park. It was quite a sunny day when we went for the hike.After the vacation, we got resumed with our office and daily life routines.I came to notice a brown pigment in my face and hand. I put some sunscreen and lotions for the mean time. I couldnt see much progress with it. Later i went to a skin specialist and after adetailed checkup, he said its because of Hyperpigmentation. A condition which may occur due to sun damage. He gave normal medication for the disease even after a couple of courses it didn't do much effect on the skin. Then with much consultation and research, I got to know about[url=] compound meditation in Toronto[/url] where they give medicines according to the dosage which suits you. Is there any side effects of this kind of medication? Does insurance company give your claims? Is it costly?


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