• I always come back to my TCA Complex when I need a fast result. Every time it just performs for me….amazingly.
    A quick swipe,. like a toner.. in 3 days.. A NEW FACE APPEARS!! ITS LIKE MAGIC…
    Of course, maintaining with the retinoids is how we truly reverse aging.

    I was watching DR. PHIL and his team of PLASTICS was on. They were doing quick informative quips called "DID YOU KNOW'..
    AND this was one.

    "Did you know that EXPENSIVE SKIN CARE CREAMS are impostors?" You need moisturizers that performs on a cellular level. Anything that says 'WILL RESTORE COLLAGEN IS A HOAX"..
    Wow.. its so enlightening to hear this!! I can step off my "I toldyaso soap box now"

    Have a good day

    MY ROMEO WORSHIPS ME LOL.. love my boy

  • When you say "retinoids" to truly reverse aging, what products in particular?

  • What a cute dog! I actually use things that most people use on their body but I just make sure it will not cause any blockages or break outs.

  • I remember reading something about peels being a amazing for the skin but you have to know your type and how often to do them.


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