Fractional skin Resurfacing Treatments

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    Hai one and all,
    I am a 27-year-old. I had some acne scarring in my both cheeks as well as my jaw-line. It makes me bad enough to completely take off my confidence and also my self -esteem. I went to a skin specialist and he said that I would start up with some special cream. On the way back home. I saw my friend who is working in a medical shop nearby. When I shared this cream name to her she told that the creams will not fit for everyone's skin for resurfacing. she suggests me to go with fractional skin resurfacing. A few months back I have undergone with fractional laser resurfacing . Improvement have seen in about to 1 to 2 months. But now results are not getting Permanent.
    Can anybody help me to know more about additional treatments needed? is there any risk of infection after the treatment? is anybody undergone with this treatment before? share your comments below .Thanks."


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