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Is prolonged use of cell phone a reason for hearing loss?

  • Hello all,
    Recently, I noticed, my right ear is not working properly, as it used to. I have problem hearing while I am on a call. But, If I change my phone to the left ear, I am able to hear more clearly compared to my right ear.
    I don't know what caused the issue. Is it normal to have a hearing issue only in one ear? I get a lot of calls in a day. So, I spend a lot of time speaking through the phone. I usually hold my phone on the right ear. So, I am wondering whether that is something that caused the issue. Any way to confirm it, I have to go to an audiologist here in Toronto.
    But, I like to know whether is there anyone else who has similar issues with hearing? Everyone uses cell phones these days. There is literally no one who is without a cell phone. So, if prolonged use of cell phone is a reason for hearing loss, the majority of the population should have the same issue. I like to know what you guys think.


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