• Hi! Is there any possible way to treat old scars and mitigate its visibility? Thanks in advance...:huh:

  • A scar forms b/c it has lost connectivity to tissue, pores, folicles, glands, oil etc. So it grows and thrives on small threads. THE ONE WAY to soften a scar is to suffocate it and make it reach further for its nutrition,. so you will either soften it by reconnectivity OR you starve it and it begins to degrade.
    How do you do that?
    Without a product, cheapest way is with silicone. Silicone is air tight. Put a piece of silicone tape on your finger and the skin will die off in hours.. but rip off the tape and air causes the pores to shut and the silicone loses its suffocating powers.
    DEAR you can mimick this with forms of tape!!!
    Or sterile plastic. There are silicone scar patches.. expensive..and not necessary. People ask me about products for scars. I tell them to cover them nightly with a sterile plastic bandage. When they soften as much as possible.. THEN and only then,.. are peels introduced!!!
    Some people never need the peels!!!
    I'm also a huge fan of COVER STICK,. the good stuff. Lancome or derma blend. Needs to be non comodogenic and water proof (am I mispelling everything? I'm getting red squiggly - lined to death lol)

  • Pitbull attacked my cat, an I'll try to save her. I save cat, but get some bad scars. It was 10 years ago, I never went to the doctor to sew that. Its not that visible. I'm thinking of cover stick too..:)

  • scar is permanent and cannot be completely removed used cosmetic products you can consult cosmetic surgeon.

  • [quote='Jelica' pid='36' dateline='1382255942']
    Hi! Is there any possible way to treat old scars and mitigate its visibility? Thanks in advance...:huh:

    Hey Jelica - have you tried Chemical Face Peels? I would suggest a combination of Jessner and Lactic Acid 50%. DO NOT start at that level however. Start with a lower % and work your way up. This is a treatment that you will do weekly, but in no time your scars will be diminished and rosy, healthy skin will be revealed. Promise! If you would like a product recommendation, just let me know. Hope that helps!


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