• Received this letter from an eBayer who read one of my published reviews from 10 years ago., Sadly it did not help her by preventing her from buying, using and damaging her skin..but it DID prevent her from doing permanent damage. I'm very sure I can help her get her skin back. is her message:
    [size=large][color=#0000CD][font=Verdana][font=Times New Roman][size=small]rom: suke777
    To: greatfaceplace
    Subject: Details about item: suke777 sent a message about TCA Complex 1 oz. blue cobalt w/ dropper NEW SEALED AMAZING RESULTS fast ship!!! #350760818446
    Sent Date: Dec-26-13 14:49:05 PST

    Dear greatfaceplace,

    Hello I actually sent you a message earlier on another product concerning arm wrinkles.Embarrassing! Please help me.This is my story.I used a derma roller every 4-6 wks on my arms but noticed my wrinkles got worse and actually longer.I read one of your articles and think because it took so long to heal it actually got worse in the healing process.I thought if I roll more it would force into an aggressive healing process.Make sense? Im am freckled though tan well. Have been a sun worshiper well into my 40's. Not good in hinds site! Please help Iam so enbarrassed to show my arms. Forearm and above the bend of the elbow wrinkles!!!! Help! Sue K.

    • suke777[/size][/font][/font][/color][/size]

  • I never trusted these. They are cheap and made in low quality factories in China. I don't feel okay using anything that pierces the skin. I will stick to dry skin brushing and using a loofa! lol

  • hello, my friend. There are many derma rollers with different qualities, not all derma rollers are bad quality and cheap price. It depends on your cost. Also, you need to choose the correct size roller for yourself. Here I will share an article with you about derma roller (micro-needling)'s everything.


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