Favorite movie

  • What is your favorite movie? Mine is Detroit rock City. Love the movie as it really is all about getting to a concert and having a blast doing it.

  • If Pretty Woman is on.. I will watch it. At this point I can lip sync the entire thing,.doing EVERYONES LINES. I recently saw This is 40 and Bad Grampa and cracked up. Don't let your kids watch Bad Grampa,. its NOT a kids movie.. I thought it was going to be a SCRIPTED movie.. Its not. Its unscripted mostly and has a lot of real life responses....which are gut wrenching hilarious. You almost can't enjoy your laughter because something NEW happens which is twice as funny!! Watch it with your MAN. He will fall on the floor..... Neither of us could talk the next day..we were hoarse.. from howling... 😉

  • I am more into Sci-Fi, so anything that involve aliens,werewolf,vampires is pretty much watchable for me 😛 🙂 P.S Morgan,you achieved new user badge 😉

  • I don't have a favorite but I do prefer romantic comedies over anything else. Something that will make me laugh but go "aww". They have to have a good story. I am also a fan of Lifetime movies too.


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