Natural remedies to get younger and glowing skin

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    I would like to update my first point, "Drink approx three liters water a day. Water is best cleanser for our body."
    Quantity of water for healthy people is as below-
    for men - 3 liters/day
    for women - 2.2 liters/day

    Thank you for the info ! :). I was always wondering can too much liquid harm our bodies? I personally drink at least 5-6 liters per day 😞 ...

    I wonder... how can someone drink too much water...
    It is difficult to me to drink 2.2 only...
    Anyways take care in future...

    I thought that this amount of water can be bad for kidneys,as they process too much liquid .. I ll research a bit on this subject..

    If you own android phone i would suggest you to try this app :

    I believe that there is iOS version of same app on itunes or however is the name of app market. Little by little,your body will adopt to taking "enough" of water.. I know people which do not take water in days,which is very bad for health itself..

  • nice application... I've installed it.

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    nice application... I've installed it.

    Cool 🙂 . It may be a bit annoying on meetings,but it is great reminder.. It helped couple of friends to increase hydration ratio.:)

  • hmm.... I also think so...

  • 🙂 I keep all the setting according to time.. Generally I put my pone silent in meetings....

  • Natural remedies to get younger and glowing skin eating fresh fruit and vegetables, otherwise use olive oil etc.

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    Natural remedies to get younger and glowing skin eating fresh fruit and vegetables, otherwise use olive oil etc.

    I completely agree with you.

  • water is the best therapy for skin freshness its makes you young and fresh must add fresh juice in your diet on daily bases.
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  • I agree with you that skin care is very useful. Skin bears our hairstyles too. It often becomes dry and rough during winter days. Aloe vera, turmeric powder, and best nutrition is useful for its care.

  • I have been enjoying it. I am basically just replying to threads for now. I haven't really though of anything to post yet!

  • The skin is one of the most vital parts of the body that needs to be taken care of carefully. However, some people do not take enough time to take care of their skin. As a result, their skin quality might become affected.
    Are you looking for natural remedies for glowing skin? After talking to many people and myself following a lot of them. I have concluded top three natural remedies for glowing skin that can give you results within couple of weeks.

  • Using natural components will definitely cause your skin to appear more healthy and look fresh and young. I usually use blends to make my skin wrinkles just go away. Anyone else here using blends?


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