TCA Complex - Never fails anyone!!

  • Fifteen years ago in my salon in Towson Maryland I was busy with a thriving microdermabrasion business. Part of my "package" include one of Julies Famous Take-Home-Peels.

    I was taking 10 clients per day doing manual microdermabrasion. Most of them use their take home peel a week prior to coming and it was like whittling away at skin and uncovering this beautiful face.

    I realized very quickly that people were really interested in buying the THP (take home peel) ....maybe a little bit more than rebooking their micro treatment #sniffsniff.

    One day a client who works for a bottling firm brought me a case of 1 oz blue cobalt bottles...

    And in return I GAVE him a full bottle of Julies Take Home Peel... and VIOLA~ TCA COMPLEX was born.

    Turns out... you don't need a micro dermabrasion treatment after you use this product. A hot wet towel or a shower will take the loose skin off just as easily!!

      I  brought this product to eBay in 1999. And I got kicked off. And I got back on. And I was suspended. Nobody knew what I was selling. Obagi did. And they were pissed!! How dare ANYONE sell a bottle of 1 oz. peel that is identical to their SMOKE AND MIRROR blue peel ($500 each).  I used to sell their peels too. I choked when clients would put them on 3 credit cards.  No. I was doing this and nobody was going to stop me. The Triple Acetic Acid active ingredient is not owned by anyone. Obagi turned the blue peel into a Blue Face Smurf Show by making us add the blue dye to the TCA... clients would run to their car with their face covered. The same process of abrading the stratum corneum occurred. Except with OBAGI, they stained your dead cells so you would  see the blue skin peeling. 

    The difference between PERFECT COMPLEXION TCA COMPLEX and OBAGI BLUE is: You don't lose 3 days of work looking like a character from Avatar.

    Application is so simple. We towel it on like a toner. Drys in seconds and no neutralizer. First time users swipe once. We just want to see what happens in 4 days. If nothing happens. Nothing is tight or dry. Repeat it. Most of use will peel a bit. Let it peel. Wash daily and resume cosmetic use. We avoid face creams because we want the skin to slough. Much like reviving and older tan.. cream on top of dead TCA peeling skin slows you down. Use cream only for comfort. Cosmetics use anytime. Repeat your peel in 21 days!

    You can read more about this awesome product or purchase here :

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